Order Management

We are the information hub between you and your supplier. Our systematic order management ensures information flows between you and supplier are accurately and timely translated and conveyed. Work with us, we can save you a lot of pains, making your whole China sourcing process efficient and cost effective.


1. Purchase Order Approval (POA)

We will double check your draft order to make sure every detail is correct. Then, pass your official purchase order to supplier, and solicit signed proforma invoice and committed production plan from supplier. We will help both you and supplier to check your payment documents. For example, L/C (Letter of Credit).


2. Initial Production Inspection (IMI)

Inspection will be carried out at the beginning of production. It aims to prevent defective components so as to ensure quality input for production. The inspection also makes sure the production will have a good start and supplier’s given estimated time of delivery(ETD) can be met.

Firstly, we hold supplier’s BOM(Bill of Materials) and check all their materials are in good quality in place for production. If a third-party testing is requested(like the FOOD CONTACT test compulsory to all food related wares exporting to France), we work with world famous testing laboratories like TUV, SGS and CMA. Then, we monitor the assembly process and check the first production run. In case of defectives are detected, we report to you and take immediate corrective measures.


3. Online Production Inspection (OPI)

Inspection will be carried out when at least 20% of the order are finished. It aims to make sure production is going on smoothly so that the quality is maintained throughout the entire production phase.

We check supplier’s production line and randomly check finished products in terms of specification, function, packaging, etc. If any defectives are detected, we report to you immediately and take corrective measures in


4. Preshipment Inspection (PSI)

Inspection will be carried out ONLY when at least 80% of the order are finished and well packed. We randomly draw samples from the lot according to AQL(Acceptable Quality Level) or your requested standards. Generally, the major items to test are cosmetics, functions and packaging. For example the drop test in terms of packaging.


5. Loading Supervision (LS)

We check quantities of the goods and conditions of the carrier container. Monitor the whole loading process(from warehouse to container). We seal the lock after loading to finish the inspection.


6. Documents Processing

We check validity and completeness of product related documents (like RoHS, CE and EMC certificates/reports). Other documents include shipping documents(like bill of loading, certificate of origin), and the other files you may request.