Quality Assurance

Proper preparation and evaluation before an order is place can prevent big headaches down the road. Consider all the details of your order before it is placed. We can assist you to evaluate your product and the raw materials that will be needed and also areas of caution to suggest the factory to pay attention to. SF International Trade Co., Ltd QA service can assists you to avoid large-scale issues in mass production of your goods, as we present you a report of our effective corrective measures, danger areas in production to watch out for, and suggestions. To keep you informed, we will aso report on production efficiency and estimated delivery time of the factory with out Order Follow Up Service.

SF International Trade Co., Ltd professional inspector will visit the factory on site and do random sampling and relevant checking from the semi-finished or packed products during the mass production.

1. Check safety performance / practicality / appearance
2. Upon identifying defects, take corrective action accordingly
3. Check details of the product with desired inspection standards
4. Focus on key point of the products
5. Record findings of the findings and take some samples for further re-checking if necessary.
6. Inform customer of irreparable defects.
7. Take photos of all defects.