QC Management

We can be your trusted party to offer quality check inspection service.

No matter it is a check of sample or mass production goods, we can do tests according to your requirement / widely acknowledged international standard like MIL-STD-105E, ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, ABC-STD-105, BS6001, ISO 2859 and DIN 40080.


1. Sample Quality Check

To save development/mass production time for both you and suppliers, we can be your reliable watchdog to qualify the samples. All samples will be checked visually and tested functionally according to your checklist. A complete report will follow for you to decide if the samples are acceptable or not.


2. Mass Production Quality Check

At most times, you need to offer your quality check(QC) checklist. Or if you don’t, we can use mutually-agreed international quality standard from one of the above mentioned.

The first step for quality check is to randomly draw a certain number of product samples from the shipment lot according to the Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) *. Then, the samples will be checked against the items in your checklist or in the agreed specific international quality standard. Last, we judge the shipment by PASS or FAIL and present you with a detailed report.

* Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) refers to the maximum number of acceptable defectives during the random sampling of an inspection. Generally, the defects that are classified into 3 levels: Critical, Major and Minor.

  • Critical: the defective level that is likely to result in producing an unsafe condition or contravene mandatory regulation.
  • Major: the defective level that would reduce the usability of the product, or that shows an obvious appearance defect that would affect
  • the sales of the product.
  • Minor: the defective level that does not reduce the usability of the product, but it is still beyond the defined quality standard.

Defects could be counted as critical, major or minor according to your specifications and inspection criteria.