Supplier Management

Supplier management includes searching, qualifying, monitoring and auditing suppliers. We can help you source new suppliers and manage your current suppliers.


1. Searching and Qualifying Suppliers

We have a well-maintained database of suppliers. Once you give us your demand, we can easily select for you ideal candidates from both our internal database and external resources. Then, you decide which suppliers to go further or have us make factory inspection to qualify.

Factory inspection(also called factory audit) is a must when you consider begining a serious business relationship with a new supplier, besides your given checklist, our factory inspection report includes below information(core of ISO9001):

  • basic information(contact person, tel, email, address, history, legal status, business scale)
  • target market basic information(main products, main markets, major clients)
  • certificates(quality management systems – QMS, products certifications)
  • factory tour(equipment, production lines, production capabilities, warehouses, labouring coditions)


2. Monitoring and Auditing Suppliers

We can regularly check activities of suppliers to make sure they are still in good standing for your business.
Besides the above-mentioned factory audit, we can also do social accountability audit(SA) for you.

In fact, social accountability has been playing a more and more important role in today’s business world. Nowadays, people buy from you not only because you have higher quality and better price but because you are perceived more socially accountable.

To shape a good corporate image(CI) showing to the world that you seriously care about the society and more specifically your conduct of sourcing is ethical, social accountability audit is a must to go.

The social accountability audit we offer can give you a clear picture of how below basic SA 8000 standards are met:

  • Child labour
  • forced labour
  • health and safety
  • freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
  • discrimination
  • disciplinary practices
  • working hours
  • compensation