Why Choose Us

At the SF International Trade we provide value-added consulting and business implementation services and on-the-ground support for overseas companies conducting business in China.

Founded in Guangzhou in November 2010, SF International Trade has office in Guangzhou China.

Why Choose SF International Trade?

  • 10+ years of China consultancy experience
  • Knowledgeable Bridge to China
  • Solid Track Record across Multiple Industries
  • Nationwide Expert Network
  • Up-to-date with Market Developments
  • Competitive Rates
  • Long-term Commitment
  • Bilingual Staff
  • Our Strategy

Utilising in-depth knowledge and experience, SF International Trade is able to help companies plan, manage and implement a range of projects across China, ensuring that our clients’ needs are met and business goals realised.

In contrast to many large consulting firms, SF International Trade’s strategy is to clearly align its own goals with that of its clients.

To do this, we work on a modest retainer or hourly rate, and for larger projects, take an equity stake in your business in China, thereby guaranteeing you our ongoing support and commitment to the same goals – making your China operations profitable as quickly as possible.

For companies exporting to, or sourcing from China, SF International Trade helps you increase sales, and shares in that growth by receiving a percentage of sales revenue.

This approach means that compared to many other consulting firms, SF International Trade’s rates are very reasonable. Feel free to contact us for an obligation free quote. An initial consultation is also free of charge.