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Trading Agent

We are expertise as an agent in China

  • Sourcing
  • Follow up
  • Ordering Contract
  • Preparation
  • Production Monitoring
  • Container Export
  • etc..

Private Labelling

The benefit of private labelling is that you can create a branded product, without investing into all too much time and money in product development – and tooling. Hence, you can launch a product much faster

We also explain what Startups and SME’s must know about Intellectual property issues, printing specifications – and how much you should expect to pay a logo print! Yes, this is by far the most comprehensive guide on private label imports written


  • Pre – Production Inspection
  • First Batch Inspection
  • During Production Inspection
  • Pre – Shipment Inspection
  • Container Loading Inspection
  • On-Site Sorting Service
  • City Special Inspection

Sourcing Services
We Offer

  • QC Management
  • Order Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Logistics Management

Assistance Service

  • Shipment Consolidation
  • Sample Consolidation
  • China Local Office
  • Trade Show Assistance
  • Travel & Transportation Assistance

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