Shipment Consolidation

The international marketplace is becoming a very dynamic place to expand your business. It is also a place where businesses and individuals are learning how to be a “smart” buyer. Many of these people and businesses are learning how to leverage their buying power in order to ship goods to them at a very low price.

Shipment Consolidation is a concept that many people do not understand. The fact is that you can buy multiple items from China and have them shipped to you separately at very high shipping costs. The end result is a high cost per item or vendor that you buy from. Shipment Consolidation is the act of buying products from multiple suppliers in China and having them all put their goods into one container for international shipping. The savvy international buyer that takes advantage of shipment consolidation gets:

1) ONE tracking number
2) ONE customs clearance
3) ONE company that handles the shipment consolidation and customs paperwork
4) ONE international charge

You can clearly see that the benefit of shipment consolidation is not only the efficiency and the cost, but it is the value adds that come along with it. For any business out of China, why wouldn’t you take advantage of this service. Shipment consolidation is the wave of the future for international commerce and logistics.

Pricing: Depends on the project