Procurement Advice

Finding a product in China that will meet your quality and price expectations can be a daunting task. This is not the case with SF International Trade Co.Ltd’s proven process of ‘Find, Manage, and Deliver.’ Our dedicated team based in Ghuangzou and overseen by dedicated management takes the time to understand exactly what you require, to provide you with a shortlist of ranked suppliers with recommendations so that you may make a highly informed selection.

We help you manage your supplier through negotiation and order placement, followed by a thorough quality assurance program all the way through to overseeing the loading of the containers for shipment. Detailed reports with full colour pictures are provided each step of the way. Our bilingual Chinese sourcing team is experienced in China procurement and additionally, benefits from dedicated management supervision, ensuring that you get the best local expertise as well as deep understanding of your requirements so that your expectations are met.

Enjoy the peace of mind that while you have full access to the factory and pay them directly, our team will continue to monitor the supplier overseeing the loading of containers up to the delivery to your destination by partnering with a network of leading logistics companies throughout China and abroad.